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Daily Schedule


5 Sections Big Packet

One page in each section daily and letter trace one review letter every day

Use the packet to help with:

  • zoo phonics letters with animal
  • vocabulary-pictures after letter
  • number order
  1. charts
  2. phonics,
  3. ABC
  4.  numbers
  5. shapes

Review the letter writing and sound video  posted on Teacher webpage on Brownfield ISD and BBAC page    

May 18-22

         Monday: letter Kk

         Tuesday: letter Ll

         Wednesday: letter Mm

        Thursday: letter Nn

         Friday: letter Oo

 Please review the following everyday:

         Review Number 3

         Review Shape trapezoid

         Review Color orange


May  25-29 extra practice

         Monday: letter Pp

         Tuesday: letter Qq

         Wednesday: letter Rr

         Thursday: letter Ss

          Friday: letter Tt

 Please review the following everyday:

         Review Number 2

         Review Shape heart

         Review Color yellow

June 1-5 extra practice

         Monday: letter Uu

         Tuesday: letter Vv

         Wednesday: letter Ww

         Thursday: letter Xx

          Friday: letter Yy and Zz

 Please review the following everyday:

         Review Number 0 &1 make 10

         Review Shape star and crescent

         Review Color brown and  gray



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